Thai Massages

       Thai Yoga Massage
60min R320 • 90min R460 • 120min R600
Traditional Thai full body yoga, shiatsu and acupressure.
       Thai Aroma Oil Massage
60min R290 • 90min R430 • 120min R570
A soft and soothing full body massage for the ultimate relaxation and greater mind-body awareness.
       Thai DeStress Massage
60min R310 • 90min R450 • 120min R590
Full body or head, neck, back & shoulders. 
A deep tissue/pressure point targeted treatment, using aroma oil, specifically for stress relief.
       Sport Massage
60min R330 • 90min R470 • 120min R610
Full body or head, neck, back & shoulders. 
A stronger deep muscle massage enhancing overall flexibility and muscle stability.
       Medical Massage
60min R350 • 90min R490 • 120min R630
Therapeutic technique used to alleviate muscle
pain or stiffness by delving into the source of pain.  
       Pregnancy Massage
60min R350 • 90min R490 • 120min R630
We pamper and relieve moms-to-be with
aches, muscle tensions, swelling and poor circulation.

       Aroma Oil & Foot Massage
60min R310 • 90min R450 • 120min R590

       DeStress & Foot Massage
60min R330 • 90min R470 • 120min R610

       Sport & Foot Massage
60min R350 • 90min R490 • 120min R630

       Medical & Foot Massage
60min R370 • 90min R510 • 120min R650

                Hot Oil +R30
                Hot Stone +R140
                Cold Stone +R140
                Herbal Hot Compress +R100
                Cupping/Gua-sa +R200
                Tiger Balm +R30
Includes 10min neck, shoulders and arms massage with a detox hot foot bath.

       Foot Massage
60min R290 • 90min R430 • 120min R570
Stimulate energy flow throughout the body, giving you more energy and vitality.

       Trigger Point Foot Massage
60min R310 • 90min R450 • 120min R590
Ancient treatment that focuses on the pressure points on your feet to treat the entire body. Releases stress and restores harmony.                                         

                Hot Stone         +R100
                Cupping               +R80
                Tiger Balm           +R30



       Body Scrub
45min R380
A revitalising and exfoliating full body sugar scrub leaving the skin smooth and moisturised.
       Body Wrap (Slimming & Cellulite)
60min R450
Reduces appearances of cellulite and improve your skin texture.
       Cupping & Gua-Sa
30min R250
Traditional Chinese healing technique aiming to detoxify and stimulate the flow of energy.
       Face & Body
Brows R60                  Lips/Chin R50
Face R150                  Back R300
Chest R150               Ear/Nose R60
Toes R40                   Tummy line R40
       Upper Extremities
Underarm R70        ½ Arm R90
Full Arm R170
       Lower Extremities
½ Leg R120 ¾ Leg R150
Full Leg R220
       Intimate Specialties
Bikini R120                Brazilian R220
Hollywood R250     
Men's Brazilian R280
Eyebrow R60            Eyelash R60
Eyebrow R70            Lips R60       
Face R160      
       Heel Scrape
30 min R220         60 min R320
Foot massage, foot scrubs and dead skin removal which moisturises and replenishes the foot to its natural state.
       Thai Pedicure
R240                 R320 (Extra 15 min Foot Massage)
Foot soak, exfoliating, nail shaping, basic heel scrape, cuticle removal and nail varnishing.
       Thai Manicure
R220                 R300 (Extra 15 min Massage)
Hand soak, exfoliating, nail shaping, cuticle removal and nail varnishing.
       Express Pedi
R120                 R200 (Extra 15 min Foot Massage)
Nail cutting, shaping and varnishing.
       Express Mani
R120                 R200 (Extra 15 min Massage)
Nail cutting, shaping and varnishing.
                Hot Stone + R100
                Paraffin Wax + R120
                Gel + R80
                French Paint + R30
                Nail Art + R30/Finger
                Soak Off + R120
                Deep Heel Scrape + R150
Facial Treatments
       Golden Face Lift (for all skin type)
30 min  R350
Instant face lifts which use a combination of Golden- Iron Bar and Lamarie’s Bio-Series  work together to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
Includes a lymphatic drainage massage on neck, shoulders & arms for an immediate younger look
       Basic Facial (for all skin type)
60 min  R400
For those on the go, this treatment includes the essentials of skincare leaving skin bright and refreshed.
       Hydration (for dry skin)
90 min  R490
Revitalizing your skin with moisture, and leaves your skin with a younger complexion.
       Acne (for acne, congested & blemished skin)
105 min  R520
Deep cleanse treatment - reducing acne, blackheads, whiteheads and sebum production. Restore balance and leave skin clean and clear.
       Sensitive (for sensitive, sun burn & irritated skin)
115 min  R580
Accumulative protection, repairing damage and/or dry sensitive skin cells.
       Rejuvenation (for mature, dehydrated skin)
115 min  R590
Restoring elasticity by reducing signs of aging and diminishing the appearance the fine lines and wrinkles.
       Derma-Renew (for mature, devitalize, wrinkled skin)
120 min  R650
Intensive regeneration for devitalized and aging skin, reviving your cells and giving you a natural glowing complexion. 
Spa Packages
       Detox Treatment
2 hrs  R650
A lymphatic massage followed by a traditional detoxification (gua-sa & cupping).
       Birthday Package
2.5 hrs R800
A special treatment comprising of an executive facial and massage which works on relaxation and mind-blowing sensory experiences.
       Queen of Treatment
3.5 hrs  R1130
A luxurious sugar body scrub with a combination of a Thai destress, pedicure and foot massage for stress relief and silky soft skin.
       Love Bird
2 x 2 hrs  R1500 per couple
Spoil yourself with your lover as if you were in Thailand. A combination of full body hot/cold stone massage and rejuvenating reflexology.
       Half Day Treatment
5 hrs  R1660
Designed for ultimate relaxation which includes a body scrub, de-stressing aroma massage, pedicure, reflexology and facial treatment.
       Baby Shower
3 hrs  R930
Luxury treatment for mom-to-be through every trimester with a safe warm oil specially produced for body and foot massage, pedicure.
       Corporate / Bridal Shower
Spoil your colleagues or bridesmaids while enjoying the luxury of creating your own package. Discount offer for groups of 10 or more.
       Individual / Family Package
10 treatments +  1 treatment FREE
Buy any treatment for 10 sessions and enjoy the extra hour FREE. No expiration date.
Terms & Conditions
. Reservation for  Thai Therapists pricing varies.
. DeStress Massage charges occur for Aroma Oil Massage on public holidays, Friday-Sunday and after 17:00.
.Trigger Point Foot Massage charges occur for Foot Massage on public holidays, Friday- Sunday and after 17:00.