This is an ancient treatment that focuses on the feet to treat the entire body. It is a relaxing pressure-point foot massage that balances the body to re-establish your energy flows, relieve stress and restore harmony.

Includes 10min neck, shoulders and arms massage with a detox hot foot bath.

Foot Massage 

Gentle touch of your feet, stimulate energy flow throughout the body, giving you more energy and vitality. After a long day of work, giving your feet a little bit of love improve blood flow, also help with swelling or sore feet. 

60min R300 • 90min R440 • 120min R580

Trigger Point Foot Massage

Ancient treatment that focuses on the pressure points on your feet to treat the entire body. Releases stress and restores harmony, fights depression, treat migranes and internal organs.                                       

60min R320 • 90min R460 • 120min R60

Hot Stone         +R100
Cupping               +R80
Tiger Balm           +R30


Note: Trigger Point Foot Massage charges occur for Foot Massage on public holidays, Friday- Sunday and after 17:00. Reservation for Therapists pricing may varies