Massage therapy is not just a luxury you treat yourself to once in a while, it helps you relax, realign and rejuvenate, thus it can become a crucial part of your health & wellness plan. Sweet Face provide Thai based massage techniques with the aim of helping you release tension and loosen up your muscles and lymphatic drainage. 

Regularly scheduled self-care plays an important part in your health and vitality.


Thai Yoga Massage 

Restore your body's energy through our Traditional Thai full body yoga, shiatsu and acupressure. Focusing on stretching the body, helps with mental relaxation and pain relief.

Suitable for people who are very active and fairly flexible. 

60min R330 • 90min R470 • 120min R610

Thai Aroma Oil Massage

A gentle and soothing full body massage designed for anyone seeking some pampering, the ultimate relaxation massage, helps with greater mind-body awareness with no Thai stretching

Suitable for people who require gentle touch or sensitive muscles. 

60min R300 • 90min R440 • 120min R580

Thai DeStress Massage

Full body or head, neck, back & shoulders. 

 A medium to soft deep tissue massage, pressure point targeted treatment, using aroma oil. You control the pressure allowing you the pleasure of enjoying a relaxing and stress relief massage to your preference. 

Suitable for people who are tensed, stressed, stiff muscles or have knots.

60min R320 • 90min R460 • 120min R600

Sport Massage

Full body or head, neck, back & shoulders. 

A stronger deep muscle massage enhancing overall flexibility and muscle stability. For more tension and muscle pain relief helping with blood circulaion, assist in the removal of lactic acid in the muscles. 

Suitable for people who are physically active, sport injury or spasm. 

60min R340 • 90min R480 • 120min R620

Medical Massage

Therapeutic technique used to alleviate muscle pain or stiffness by delving into the source of pain.  Help with anxiety, increase your metabolism and circulation for your tendons and connective tissues. 

Suitable for people who has servere headache, backaches, muscles soreness, frozen shoulders and more...

60min R360 • 90min R500 • 120min R640

Pregnancy Massage

We pamper and relieve moms-to-be with aches, muscle tensions, swelling and poor circulation. Gentle care soft touch for both mom and baby, improve your sleeping pattern and peace of mind.

60min R360 • 90min R500 • 120min R640

Hot Oil +R30
Hot Stone +R140
Herbal Hot Compress +R100
Cupping/Gua-sa +R200
Tiger Balm +R30
Slimming Cream +R50


Note: DeStress Massage charges occur for Aroma Oil Massage on public holidays, Friday-Sunday and after 17:00. Reservation for Therapists pricing may varies